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Security & Escorting of Monetary Values
We are offering the highest level of security for high-value cargo, with discretion about your shipment. The transport of high-value shipments is handled with armored vehicles with the highest possible level of protection, and with special equipment, which is, based on the expirience from developed countries in Europe and around the world, making every attept of theft, kidnaping, smuggling futile. Our protection crews are specially trained value escorts. Our guard-escorts are equipped with protective wests, helmets, firearms and other needed technical equipment. With daily-based conditional trainings, they also follow new technologies in money and other values transport. The whole security is contributed by permanent radio link of our vehicles and escorts with our Operative center. There is also permanent GPS tracking and status tracking on the vehicle, and mobile/radio communication on unique frequence on the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina area. Samsung security systems are able to secure complete pallete of products which will secure our vehicles from outer perrimeters, on parking lots, and internal public spaces / offices. Roads are very important factor to follow for security reasons. Security equipment can also be used for securing safe public traffic and safety of it's participants.

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