Sectors we cover

Hydropower plants
and Factories

Sectors of high importance require a very high level of professionalism. ARB Security made possible thanks to an extensive and well-trained staff, as well as a modern fleet taken under protection sectors such as factories, plants and hydropower plants. Any object can be secured with guards or patrols. We make it possible before we take the object into storage, analyze the risk and determine the key points of storage.

Cultural Activities
and National Fairs

First choice from various cultural activities and events. Because we are professional in the work we do, dedicated and equipped with the most modern security tools. With more than 700 employees, it is the main reason we undertake any kind of cultural activity.

and Money Institution

The banking sector and embassies are the ones with the greatest importance and difficulty when it comes to security. Thanks to our modern fleet of armored vehicles we make it possible to transport monetary values, ensuring them at all times. Our staff, apart from the fact that they are the most trained in the country, are the most suitable for guarding various embassies.

Hospitals and Health Care

The health care sector, such as hospitals or other treatment centers, have trusted us with the security of their facilities. We provide 24/7 assistance to any environment, both through physical storage and monitoring. Professionalism characterizes us in every sector, the right training is a very important process for us, and we make it possible to adapt to every request of our clients.

Travel and Tourism

Tourist villages, airports and tourism agencies are another very important sector in the physical preservation of their facilities. Equipped with the most important licenses in our sector also the only ones in the country that have ICoCA licensing. These are some of the features that make us successful in this sector.

Business Center and Supermarket

We assist and patrol the premises of business centers and supermarkets. Dedicated staff 24/7 and ready to intervene at any time. Assistance with monitoring systems from the control center.

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