ARB Security considers all political, economic, civil or social factors that may impact human rights and our Company business, which could inspire or aggravate complaints. financial, operational, legal and reputational risks. ARB Security ensures that any anonymous grievances will be treated confidentially. Complaints and Claims Settlement Board (herein after CCSB) will treat grievances seriously and will response with immediate and appropriate measures.

ARB Security, while conducting its Policy & Procedures, provides the following opportunities:

  • When the employee wishes to raise a grievance/complaint, ARB Security sets the conditions to address it in written form (as following on or via e-mail: The grievance/complaint may be raised even orally by phone (+355672057010) or face-to-face meeting.
  • The CCSB considers the grievance/complaint addressed by the employee.
  • In case the employee does not agree with the solution offered, within a month, the CCSB calls the employee to a meeting to listen the employee’s grievance/complaint.
  • The most reasonable solution is provided by CCSB to the employee.
  • In case the employee does not agree with the solution offered by the CCSB, he/she may refer his/her grievance/complaint to the respective legal authorities, as specified by Albanian Code of Labor.

ARB Security guarantees confidentiality with respect to both the identity of complainants and the content of their grievance/complaints. ARB Security, while following this obligation, takes care to guarantee their property not be harmed, or their family members or witness not be intimidated (See: Point 6 of ARB Security Code of Conduct and Business Ethics).

Mobile: +355(0)672057010
Address: Rruga e Durresit, ish Uzina Tirana,
Kulla nr. 4, Tirane

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